Amelia Bell

“There are so many positives about Hybrid Fitness! Jen & Shaun put a lot of effort into their programming – and in over 12 months I’ve never done the same workout twice, this is great for overall fitness and keeps me interested. Jen & Shaun also go to great lengths to foster a fun, supportive and motivating environment within the gym. New people are instantly welcomed and it feels great to be a part of such a wonderful group of people.”


Oliver Liyou

“When our 2 teenage boys said they wanted to start going to Hybrid Fitness I thought it was just to help them with their football strength. But it has been much more than just that. Shaun also happens to be a wonderful mentor for teenage boys helping them to make better decisions when it comes to diet, psychology, training and life in general. My boys are definitely happier and more content about life through doing regular gym workouts. Helping them to become better footy players is just the cream on top really. Thank you to all the team at Hybrid Fitness!!”


Chrissy Hancock

“Hybrid Fitness is an awesome and welcoming community! The trainers are so knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. The fun filled environment there motivates everyone to achieve their goals. I absolutely love training at Hybrid!!”


Martin Riches

“Hybrid Fitness Training means integrity, professionalism, supportive, and enthusiastic staff and members, a great variety of workouts and programs, an emphasis on safety, and above all having fun getting some exercise! Highly recommend!”

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