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Free Introductory Session

The first session is free. With this session, we conduct a movement assessment to make sure that you will be safe when training with us. This first session takes around 30 minutes to complete, and a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. To do a free intro session please fill out the form below to arrange a suitable time. One of our coaches will contact you to get you registered for your first class.

Elements (Private Training Sessions)

New clients with no experience will not be thrown into group classes. Being thrown into a class environment too early is not setting you up for long-term success, nor is it developing professional coaching standards we pride ourselves on. By completing the ELEMENTS sessions, you will learn the fundamental movements performed in our classes, you will build a relationship with your coach and you will get comfortable with being in a gym environment. During the sessions, you will experience and learn about mobility, injury prevention, recovery, nutrition, and the structures of our classes. ELEMENTS is usually conducted over 2 sessions. Your coach and you will decide when you are ready to go into classes, and when you are ready, you will feel prepared and not overwhelmed. We want you to succeed, there is no dropping anyone into the deep end where you either sink or swim. ELEMENTS provides a clear pathway towards a successful gym journey and experience. ELEMENTS sessions are arranged at times that are suitable for the client and a coach.

Group Classes

After graduating from the ELEMENTS sessions, you will then be ready to move into scheduled group classes our into CrossFit. Once in the class environment, you will continue to gain high-quality professional coaching from our expert coaches. This is when the real fun starts, you’ll be continually learning and improving your fitness, your knowledge on how to be healthy, and best of all, you’ll be around other great like-minded people and you will feel the positive experience of our community.