Functional Fitness Classes.
Caring Coaches.

Our Group training keeps you motivated and working hard. Working with a coach keeps you safe and injury-free. Each day, we’ll build you a challenging workout that combines the best of all fitness methods, grounded in exercise science.


METCON is a Strength and Conditioning program that uses a mixture of gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio with emphasis on performance, function, and variance helping people gain a high level of fitness and improved body composition. METCON classes can be scaled catering for all participants regardless of current fitness level. (NOTE: new participants are required to attend and graduate the ELEMENTS program before commencement into METCON classes.


HybridFit is equal parts Strength and Metabolic Conditioning. A typical class will be 50% strength and 50% conditioning. It is one of our most popular classes, utilising various strength principles and cardio in a fun and supportive environment. HybridFit is perfect for people looking to improve fitness, lose body fat, or implement lifestyle changes.


STRONG is all about working on the most important component of fitness…Strength. The class is 70% strength work and 30% conditioning and endurance work. We use less technical movements (not less technique, form is still key) at various tempos and intensities utilising mechanical tension and metabolic stress to build strength and muscle. Chase the pump & get the body you deserve. You are going to sweat, and you are going to feel the burn!

Group Classes

We offer a variety of group classes at Hybrid, allowing you to experience many styles of training to avoid boredom and allowing a true hybrid approach in your fitness journey.


Hybrid’s Indoor Cycling program that draws inspiration from Mountain Biking, Time Trials, Criterium racing, and the casual weekend coffee shop ride. A RIDE class takes you through a challenging journey using a variety of riding positions, speeds, and terrains to push your endurance to new levels.

Fighting Fit

Serious Fun with a no-nonsense approach to fitness training. Fighting Fit uses partner pad work boxing methods that provide a high-intensity interval type of workout.


All of our members will receive education on eating well. If you need more help than this we can help. We offer nutrition coaching at an extra cost where you learn how to improve your nutrition habits to eat better through nutritional behaviours and food tracking. Booking is essential for nutritional consultations and coaching.

Social Saturdays

Saturday mornings are all about the community and having fun with other members…all while getting a good sweat up doing a kick-ass workout. SOCIAL SATURDAYS are regularly partner or team workouts in a HYBRID class that combines teamwork and components from each of our other classes during the week. It is Sweaty, Fun, and the best way to start a weekend with friends.