Here is a question I want you all to think about for a few minutes!!

In general we do associate fit people as being healthy people, there is a surely a strong correlation between the two, and being healthy does require one to be physically fit.

However there is more to it, getting fit is pretty easy to do, if one adheres to a good structured training plan general fitness is going to increase. I would argue this though; you can be relatively fit but not so healthy, but you cannot be healthy without being fit.

Consider this, you come and train at Hybrid 4 days a week, you are in good hands during this time, you will increase your fitness. Fitness markers like strength, endurance, mobility, will increase as will some health markers like body composition, blood circulation, blood pressure, bone density, better mood (mental state) etc.

Now consider your time away from Hybrid, do you go home and eat well? do you relax? do you get good quality sleep of 7-9 hours a night? do you look after you dental health? do you socialise? All these factors and more are required for what I consider good health.

Health is holistic, yes we need fitness but we also need good nutrition, good mental state, friends, quality sleep, relaxation/meditation, dental health, eye health and more.

Let’s look at how it may appear in life:
Being Fit – Do a weight session
Being Healthy – Eating a meal with good protein and lots of vegies after training

Being Fit – Doing a 5km run
Being Healthy – Flossing your teeth (or oil pulling)

Being Fit – Climbing a mountain to see the sunrise
Being Healthy – Blocking out Blue light on your phone and getting your 8 hours of sleep

Hopefully you are getting the idea here, we can do so much good by exercising then neglect our overall health by not looking after the other areas of our lives that makes up good health.

Hope this gets you all motivated to be fit and healthy, just not fit and kind of hope this will make me healthy.