How much influence does one’s environment have on life factors, things like health, relationships, and addiction?

The answer,  it is a major player and without the right environment it is extremely difficult to achieve goals.

Could you say that your environment can dictate you life factors?

Take eating habits and nutrition, this is a simple example, look at the environment of firstly your kitchen, does you cupboard house lots of unhealthy junk food? Does your fridge house fizzy drinks and sweets? And in your freezer is it frozen pies and pizzas?

Say this is the current environment, these are the things in the cupboard, the fridge, and the freezer.

If I was then to start eating well, natural foods, meats, veggies, nuts & seeds, and fruits and still hand these things in my environment how well will things go for me?

I may eat well for a few days……or how ever long…………what happens when I get hungry though? When my willpower gives in and all these foods are still in my environment? It is pretty obvious to know the result, you go for the junk.

If you have tried to eat better without changing your environment, you are setting yourself up to fail………..If the environment doesn’t change little else will too…

Create an environment that will enhance chances of success, get rid of all of the junk food out of the house, replace it with good foods, load up on natural real foods, if you are time poor replace your frozen pies & pizza’s with better quality frozen meals, there are some good choices out there now, it takes a bit of time and research yes, however the benefits will be huge.

Now let’s look at another environmental factor, those that live with you in your house or those people in your workplace, are they providing or contributing to an environment that will assist you or inhibit you?

I hear all the time how people say I am trying to eat well but are not getting support from …(insert name)… This again creates an environmental obstacle, it is very hard for someone to eat really well all the time when their partner, flat mate, workmate, parent etc. isn’t going to support them.

My thought on this…………ask the person in question what your value is to them? If they answer that you are valued then their actions should show this through support in the home or workplace, if they want to continue eating junk that is up to them, if they truly value you, you will be supported!…..if they are giving you a hard time about the changes you are trying to make then it’s pretty obvious they aren’t really in your support network.

If you are having trouble changing, check out your environment, the answer may be surrounding you!!!!!