It’s that time of year again.
Every new year there is an abundance of New Year Resolutions. I’ve never been a supporter of these resolutions as they are normally a waste of time and by the second week of January already broken or lost in the wilderness. It is reported that 98% of resolutions fail.
Why is this so?
I believe if people need a set date to make life changing decisions then they are wasting their time and likely to fail. The reason for this is that by placing a start date on something they are actually reinforcing behaviours that are setting them up to fail. Successful people are all about action (they are action takers), they’re not postponing or waiting for a certain date or life event to start achieving something, when a successful person wants to better themselves or is motivated to do something they start straight away. If you are postponing to start something then you are reinforcing the habit of procrastination and this will lead to failure as when things get tough, or motivation wanes,and you get off track from your goal what normally happens is you will give yourself another start date (a re-start date) to try again. Then every time you get off track you’ll keep re-setting a start date until motivation wanes that much you accept that the resolution is a failure.
We all get off track at times, this is expected, but when we do our mindset isn’t to set a future re-start date, our mindset should be to get back to it straight away. Our mindset controls our actions, not a calendar.

Happy New Year Everyone.