It’s the 17th January 2019. By now most New Years resolutions are long gone. Dead and Buried. If you are interested more on the failure of resolutions see the previous post are-new-years-resolutions-useful?

Now that we are deep into January let’s all take a breath and really consider what’s important to you for 2019.

  • What do you wish for your life to look like?
  • What achievements would you like to have accomplished when looking back in 12 months time?

Once you have a worthy ideal and an end point is established, ASK YOURSELF;

  • What do I need to start doing? ………… to continue to move towards success
  • What do I need to stop doing? ………… to continue to move toward success
  • what do I need to keep doing? ………… to continue to move towards success

These are simple questions, but confronting, you may need to change many things in your life to achieve your goals.

When setting goals there are 3 simple and essential steps needed;

  1. Write it down; give it a what (clear description) and a when (timeline)
  2. Look at it everyday; keep it in you face and soak it up.
  3. Start. Start with a plan, make the plan simple so it gets you started. If the plan is flawed that’s ok, it gets you started then you can adjust as you progress. Any airplane is off track for much of the time but just keeps coming back to the flight plan. Eventually it arrives at it’s destination. This is true for people too!

If you ask yourself the 3 questions above and implement the 3 simple (and essential) steps for setting goals you have the End in Mind. You will get off course at times, however due to the constant feedback you will also be like an airplane and giving yourself constant course correction until you reach your destination (Goal).


A quote most of us would have heard at some point. How can we make our course towards goals quantifiable though? A simple method that works for me personally is The Chain Calendar method, made famous by Sinfield. (its all about; do the thing, and you shall have the power)

It works like this, write down 1-3 actions you can do daily that is part of your habits needed to reach success. Each day you do your listed actions mark the calendar of with a big X, a circle, a Squiggly line (what you use is up to you, make it personal) After a few days you’ll create a chain of symbols, it is now your job to keep the chain growing longer everyday. Your job is simple, don’t break the chain.

My January Chain Calendar is below where my daily actions towards my goals are;

  • No PHONE/TV after 8PM

Chain Calendar

The Chain Calendar is simple, it will help you develop new habits that support your path to goal success and it allows you to quantify your actions? Are your actions supporting, or hindering, what you want to achieve and what you want your life to be!!

All the information above is SIMPLE? Yes
Is it EASY? Far from it!! this is why most New Years Resolutions are dead and buried. Focus on simple strategies and small daily progress.