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November 2021

Turn Down the Alcoholic Night Cap.


Alcohol is not a sleeping aid. You'd think it was though, after sleeping pills it is the most commonly used drug to help people fall asleep. This seems to be widely misunderstood though, many individuals feel and believe that alcohol helps them fall asleep more easily and it brings them better sleep throughout the night. [...]

Turn Down the Alcoholic Night Cap.2021-11-30T16:48:09+00:00

Progress Doesn’t Require Perfection…It Requires Consistency.


This is nothing new and I have said it plenty of times before when it comes to the strength of the result consistency is key. The more consistent people are, the better their results will be. With consistency being a strong indicator for results the next question to ask is how much exact adherence [...]

Progress Doesn’t Require Perfection…It Requires Consistency.2021-11-29T22:11:53+00:00

A Productive Day Begins the Night Before.


Many people have a morning routine. A routine helping them set their day up for a win. A day that is productive, one that is filled with actions that are moving you towards a big-picture outcome or goal. This is a fantastic thing, to have a game plan for the next day, for each [...]

A Productive Day Begins the Night Before.2021-11-25T17:13:05+00:00

Arguing, Why it is Pointless!


Today I share something I have come to learn over time. And don't get me wrong, I am totally guilty of this too, I have argued with others many times in my lifetime. This is before I learned what I will share with you. I have come to understand most of the time, actually, [...]

Arguing, Why it is Pointless!2021-11-25T17:00:44+00:00

Simple Tip…Habits Over Motivation.


A quick thought on Habit over Motivation, which will bring you the compounding power of consistency. Motivation is normally short-lived and greatly varied from super high to extremely low. A fitness regime shouldn't be based on motivation, it should be based on routine. Routine that becomes HABIT. Just like having your shower, or brushing [...]

Simple Tip…Habits Over Motivation.2021-11-23T16:22:17+00:00

Protein and Fat Loss


Last week I wrote on the Thermic Effect of foods. The conversation highlighted how Protein has the highest Thermic Effect from food in the body. Meaning the body uses more energy to process protein than other macronutrients. Eating Protein helps increase your metabolism. Staying on Protein, let's look at some other advantages on why [...]

Protein and Fat Loss2021-11-22T19:13:55+00:00

Expectation versus Reality…And The Link Too Your Results


It is common for people to look down at the scale or look in the mirror after a few days of being on a diet and be disappointed. The response goes something like this: "what the actual fuck, I have been on this diet for 5 days and I am not seeing a difference." [...]

Expectation versus Reality…And The Link Too Your Results2021-11-21T21:29:27+00:00

How Can Food Help Increase My Metabolism?


Did you know that food can help Increase Metabolism? When food is consumed the body is required to break this food down, using energy to do so. The amount of energy required can differ greatly depending on the macronutrients in the food.  The key to losing weight is a calorie deficit, this is the [...]

How Can Food Help Increase My Metabolism?2021-11-18T16:10:19+00:00

Understanding Metabolism


It is very likely you have heard the word metabolism used somewhere. Metabolism is usually used around weight loss, and the first association of the word is most likely in a phrase like "He has a slow metabolism", or "I must have a fast metabolism, I eat whatever I want and never gain weight". What [...]

Understanding Metabolism2021-11-17T19:54:11+00:00

Fat Loss Myths


3 Common Fat Loss Myths 1. You can out-train a bad diet. Nope, this is totally wrong, you cannot and will not out-train a shitty diet. However, in saying this it is very common for people to train so they can then go and enjoy that cake they desire or some of the Dirty [...]

Fat Loss Myths2021-11-16T21:28:16+00:00