We have some changes coming over the next few months at Hybrid, the first of these changes will commence from the 1st of February 2019. These changes are being implemented to help our members continue to get what they want out of a training facility, a facility that can provide excellent fitness training and health into the future.

More Training Programs to Suit Individual Goals
Hybrid Fitness Trainings’ first priority has been its members, we have provided excellent training services for seven years at an extremely low price. We want to make sure that our first priority remains our members and to demonstrate this we are expanding our programming service for everyone. Everyday you get to join in on a scheduled class (which should still be main focus) as well as the opportunity to do extra sessions on areas you wish to focus more on. For example if you want to focus more on Cardio, there will be a cardio track to follow. Or maybe it’s improving your gymnastics, our gaining extra lean muscle, our get a stronger CORE. While the focus is the class you will have access to the extras that you would like to DO. The extra programming will be available on SugarWod under HYBRID M.E.
The extra Tracks are as follows:
Engine: improve cardio fitness
Jacked: Improve muscle Mass/Definition
Barbell: Improve Olympic Lifts and variations
Gymnasty: Improve gymnastic movements/strength
CORE: Improve your torso Stability & Strength

Operational Change
Hybrid Fitness will no longer be able to operate without a staff member present at the gym from 1st February 2019. The gym will shut on weekdays between 11:30am – 1:00pm. Saturday opening times will be 7:00am – 11:00am in the morning and then 3:00pm – 6:00pm in the evening. Sundays will remain the same for the short term. People with Open Gym Memberships will no longer need a Door Entry Pin, Open Gym members still have access to unlimited gym use during opening times. Members who would like to use the gym outside of class (and do not have Open Gym membership) can do so at a cost that they choose as fair and reasonable. Yes that’s right, we are giving you the option to do Open Gym (Hybrid M.E.) anytime you see fit, at a cost that you decide is fair.