Increased body fat and obesity are unhealthy and linked to increasing causes of disease, illness, and mortality. This is the message being delivered by most Doctors and health experts.

And they are right.

What about Lean Muscle Mass though? We don’t hear much about this from our doctor. When was the last time your doctor talked about your Lean Muscle? You can’t think of a time, can you?

All the focus is on obesity and weight loss. Muscle is never mentioned. However, to be metabolically healthy the best you can do is have lots of lean muscle mass.

It should be though. Lean Muscle Mass is protective. And having low lean muscle mass presents just as the problematic risk of chronic diseases and death as having too much fat does. 

Research on muscle mass has uncovered some alarming results. Low Lean Mass (Muscle Mass) is associated with higher risks of mortality from all causes.  It becomes more problematic the older we get. Low Lean Mass, as you age is associated with an increased risk of death.

Why aren’t doctors talking about your muscle mass? They don’t talk about muscle as there aren’t any great standardized measurements available to Doctors.

The focus has been on fat mass, through a standardized benchmark known as the BMI.  We know increased fat mass has a detrimental and increased impact on our health. You’ve probably had your BMI (Body Mass Index) checked by your doctor, and if it was in the overweight to Obese range the advice would have been to lose some weight. No focus is ever placed on Lean Muscle Mass.

Not having enough Muscle Mass is a problem, a big problem. It will reduce your quality of life and help send you to an early grave.

How do we gain or maintain our muscle mass?

The scary thing is as we age if we aren’t doing some form of resistance training we will gradually lose our Muscle Mass. We all should have a training priority of adding Lean Muscle Mass, I am sure you’ve heard the saying “Use it or Loss it”.

If you want to be metabolically healthy the best you can do is have lots of lean muscle mass. Muscle is a metabolic saint. There has never been a 90-year-old who said “I wish I had less muscle.”

If you want more info on how to train to gain and/or maintain muscle mass we are here to help.