It is one of those days…it is how life goes too…the not-so-motivated days…the days when you don’t feel like getting shit done. The bad days are the important days…everyone can kick arse on their good days… it’s about kicking arse on your bad days.

This is so true…we all are great and up on our good days, it is how we are on our bad days that matter. These are the days that our habits will take hold. These are the days that our daily actions will guide us on the bad days.

Mood can change, and motivation will change, the fact is during any time we must still be focused on our actions and keep our head over our feet. Focus on this moment and only this moment…if we do this then the future will be fine.

The book ‘The Slight Edge’ discusses my thoughts above, a paragraph from the book reads;

“Your habits come from your daily activities compounded over time. And your activities are the results of the choices you make at the moment. Your choices come from your habits of thought, which are the product of your thinking, which comes from the view you have of the world and your place in it”. – Jeff Olsen

Your choices and actions are such powerful things. We will all have good days, and we all will have bad days, and the key is to make every day a consistent day. Focus on your choices and develop strong habits that will help you battle through your bad days.