Is the real question this…is it how long we live that is the most important or is it how we age? 

What I mean by this is not to focus on life span, focus on our health plan. Is it really going to be good to live into your 80s and beyond if your quality of life has left you?

The difference of being able to join in with your grandkids instead of the grandkids dropping around to visit as you are unable to join in. The simple freedom things.

The focus shouldn’t be on how long we live for, it should be on living for as long as we can. And when I say living I mean enjoying a good quality of life where we are doing things as we please. It is about thriving, not just surviving late into life.

This is where exercise and nutrition are of the most benefit. Stalling the aging process. Yes, your birth numbers will keep going up, but your aging can be brought to a standstill, the choices you make when you are in your ’30s-’40s and ’50s will shape how you age.

And we all want quality of life… it’s not about living forever, it is about forever living the life you have.

If you are neglecting the superpowers of exercise and good nutrition now, and continue to do so in the future, the consequence could be dire.