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April 2020

The Human Body is Meant to Move


Positive Mindfulness......All of us appreciate that exercise is not just for good physical health. Exercise has a positive impact on mental health. While our normal physical activity may have been taken from us at the moment we need to understand that any type of physical activity is better then no physical activity. The human body [...]

The Human Body is Meant to Move2020-04-14T17:21:51+00:00

Appreciate the Ordinary


Positive Mindfulness......Appreciate the Ordinary, from Mark Manson’s "The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck". Have a growing appreciation for life’s basic experiences. The pleasures of simple friendship, helping a person in need, reacting to a good book or a good movie, laughing with someone you care about. Sounds boring doesn’t it? That’s because these [...]

Appreciate the Ordinary2020-04-13T20:28:40+00:00

Gratitude leads to a Happier Life!


Positive Mindfulness...……. Gratitude leads to a Happier Life! Gratitude is attitude. We can choose and control if we are grateful or not. And for those who choose to do so, they are many proven benefits. Health benefits, happiness benefits, life satisfaction benefits, and a improved interpersonal relationships. Gratitude goes hand in hand with mindfulness through [...]

Gratitude leads to a Happier Life!2020-04-08T17:43:46+00:00

You Have the Power to Change the Day Through a Random Act of Kindness.


Positive Mindfulness.....................You have the power to change the day through a random act of kindness. Seneca, one of the great philosopher’s once said, "We should give as we would receive: cheerfully, quickly, and without hesitation." And you have the power to carry out Seneca’s words. Your random act of kindness can bring joy to someone [...]

You Have the Power to Change the Day Through a Random Act of Kindness.2020-04-07T21:45:23+00:00

Control What You Focus on During This Pandemic


Positive Mindfulness......we can control what we focus on during this pandemic. For many they are focusing on the hardship, the fear, the sadness etc. And yes there is much personal suffering around us, locally, nationally and internationally. We can accept this and do our bit to be part of the solution, we can also focus [...]

Control What You Focus on During This Pandemic2020-04-06T19:21:49+00:00

What is the Colour of Your Thoughts


Positive mindfulness.... "Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought, for the human spirit is coloured by such impressions." - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 5.16 What is the colour of your thoughts? As Aurelius says, what we frequently do is what we become, this is so very true with the mind. [...]

What is the Colour of Your Thoughts2020-04-05T02:31:51+00:00

Three Things to Learn From and Appreciate During COVID-19 Isolation


Positive Mindfulness..... Three things to learn from and appreciate during our COVID-19 isolation 1. We rely on Interdependence: Our reliance to be supported by others becomes undeniable during this time, we are all truly in this together and although we are in isolation we are all depending on each other to get through it. Independence [...]

Three Things to Learn From and Appreciate During COVID-19 Isolation2020-04-03T18:49:55+00:00

March 2020

Crisis Brings out the Best in People.


Positive mindfulness.. Crisis brings out the best in people. Crisis reminds us why it is important to celebrate everyday and to share our love with each other, with our family, friends, and our Hybrid Fitness community. Crisis reminds us of how lucky we are and how important it is to take care of ourselves, our [...]

Crisis Brings out the Best in People.2020-03-29T02:21:25+00:00

January 2019



We have some changes coming over the next few months at Hybrid, the first of these changes will commence from the 1st of February 2019. These changes are being implemented to help our members continue to get what they want out of a training facility, a facility that can provide excellent fitness training and health [...]


Do the Thing, and you Shall have the Power


It's the 17th January 2019. By now most New Years resolutions are long gone. Dead and Buried. If you are interested more on the failure of resolutions see the previous post are-new-years-resolutions-useful? Now that we are deep into January let's all take a breath and really consider what's important to you for 2019. What [...]

Do the Thing, and you Shall have the Power2019-01-16T16:39:55+00:00